Wednesday, March 22, 2006

hello everyone

s'been a while
okay - here are tricks

i am working like a fiend since they fired forehead girl and since it's tax season - speaking of tax season - i did some cool new things this year - i actually utilized the cafeteria plan for medical and childcare expenses - we LOVE saving money

adolfo has severe mamitis and does not want to be away from me for any amount of time - at the same time he has a newfound bond with his dad and does not want to be far from him either - i am so proud of my little boy for taking care of his little broken self - and he annunciates clavicle so perfectly

killy started his new gig and is like a child in a candy store - gleeful and renewed - i'm so happy for my loverly husband -

my pregnancy has been no fun this time around - maybe it's nature's way of watching my weight for me (don't think i'll reach the whopping 200 like i did last time) - but i'm always - as in ALWAYS - nauseated - always - and tired
i finally went shopping for some pregnancy clothes and was feeling pretty good about myself for a while - but nothing beats a little girl company once in a while

let me know when you're around
i'd like to see someone sometimes


Pablo said...

carol it is nice to ear from you

Sara C. said...


If you guys are free on Saturday, I'd like to come over and talk compost with Killy and whatever with you. Email me.


killy said...

yeah, sara! i'd love it. i'll make sure and have some mexican coke on hand. you DO drink coke, right?