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The Indefinite Article.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

About Goodmail

You've Got Goodmail - New York Times:

I agree that pretty soon sending most e-mail will cost money, but I think that's only right. It costs money to guarantee quality and safety. Moreover, I think the market will work, and that it will not shut out deserving senders, if we only let it work freely.
I wonder why nobody is drawing a parallel between Goodmail and the proposal of telcos to charge content providers like Google to send content to users? It is different than offering QOS (Quality of Service) for some traffic. I've been following the Goodmail thing for a while because of work, but this post by Dave Winer started me thinking about it again.

Maybe if email cost money, people would send more regular letters?


  • People will not send more letters if email cost more money. It is far less 'hassle' to send an email. 'Less hassle' conquers all.

    By Blogger pablo, at 10:13 AM  

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