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The Indefinite Article.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The State Cup, or even just a regular one would have done the trick...

Not only did we get knocked out the State Cup by losing to a team from San Antonio, but during the game I got kicked in the balls so hard that my nuts are now in orbit around the moon. It was horrible. It felt like someone had taken off my head and bowled 3 strikes and a gutter-ball with my brain. Oh man, it was horrible. I mean, the whole boot got me- we’re talking the frank and the beans, both big willy and the twins…


  • *ouch*!

    ... and what a coincidence: Adolfo got his first whack to the jewels this weekend at the children's museum. Poor baby was climbing up the side of the outdoor fort when his foot slipped. he plopped chest first onto the side of the fort, but still hung on. i was right next to him and pulled him down. he was half bent over, silent, and staring into space not sure what was happening. i knew it and reached for him right as he broke into tears, grabbing his toddler-hood. I cradled him in my lap while he yowled in pain. poor baby. he came out of it a couple of minutes later and i had to explain to him that he had to be very careful with himself.

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