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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Waiting for Trudeau

Am i the only one waiting to hear adolph's take on the signifcance (or otherwise) of Apple's Boot Camp? Of course, anyone can chime in if they'd like.

My intital reaction is one of excitement as i have a PC user in the house that just can't get 'used' to the mac despite her best efforts.

In other news, as i made my way out of the neighborhood this morning i noticed that the lawns were looking pretty shaggy. Of course everyone knows that this means i'll be trolling for bags of fresh grass clippings for my super enormous compost. Speaking of which, i'll be constructing compost bins this saturday out of old fence boards. Anyone interested in compost bins and peach iced-tea can come over for composting happiness.

In even more other-news, Adolfo has his first show-and-tell today. He walked out of the house with his leapPad (his laptop computer), climbed into his car seat and played with it all the way into town.


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