Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Roots

The Roots @ Stubb's

Caught The Roots at Stubb’s last night. Best funk-rock show I have seen in a while. The guitar player (?? Kirk Douglas ??) was out of control; He sang the Jill Scott vocals on “You got me” and then laid into this insane fret board adventure that busted me up like a tidal wave.

Another highlight: Questlove leading a cover of one of my favorite Michael Jackson tracks, “Smooth Criminal”.


Ethan said...

I like The Roots. They used to play all the time in Philly.

JP said...

Was Cody Chestnutt with 'em? Cody has got some real smoove groove tracks and wrote "the Seed". I actually teaching my spinning cals to that song...good groove.