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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, August 14, 2006


Exactly how did we fit so much into 800 Nelson?
I will be perplexed for a long while.
As we moved things out of the apt it seemed to get smaller instead of larger. Mind Boggling.
I would like to express my EXTREME gratitude to the McCarthy-Trudeau household for all their generosity
while we lived in Austin, and especially for being so generous in our departure.
Not a thing broke during the move and suffered little wear.
The NEW newness.
Liz and her dad scored a massive hand truck to help us transport all our belongings from
the truck to the new place.
The entire truck was unloaded in 2 hrs without breaking a sweat.

I apologize to everybody in Houston for not inviting everybody over and communicating a bit more
but at the moment we are knee deep in boxes and a bit stressed out.


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