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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Morning of the Birth of Paola

The Morning of the Birth of Paola
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i slept fitfully this morning - i 'd like to say that it was the anticipation that kept me tossing and turning at three o'clock in the morning - but it was something less exciting and more torturous - i was plagued by indigestion and reflux again - but then this has become a nightly (daily) ritual for the last 3 weeks - i'd almost forgotten about this - the best part of my pregnancies - it's the part when modesty is a forgotten and impractical concept and all you can do for comfort is stroll around scratching your belly in the glorious familiarity of your own skin - regardless of who is around - it's a good thing you all stayed away

but now - in the romantic and soft misty morning - killy hovering like a nectar intoxicated drone is going over the final checklist - diaper bag, overnight bag, magic marker - my mother and father quietly bickering back and forth about the health pros and cons of oatmeal (translate: mucho popo in the coco) - and paola - roiling around in my belly, silently screaming for food - it is becoming all too real

her bedroom is ready and waiting - killy did a beautiful job and now it's fully stocked (lots of adolfo inspired clothing) - finished up some last minute shopping for the room last night - had to change the lightbulbs and get a bassinet sheet and a couple of other things i can't remember - but it's all there - in it's peaceful pink and yellow - waiting

i'm so tired - and so excited - and worried

will my beautiful boy suffer at all - will i neglect him to care for her - will he grow to hate her because she has taken me away from him

how do i address these things if they come up

she will buy him a bike and will present it to him upon her arrival - he will have a gift for her - a project that his grandmother will help him to realize - when he first lays eyes on her, she will be in his grandmother's arms - he and i will continue our nightly bathtime/reading/prayer ritual which will become our time

i hope it doesn't break his heart

killy buzzes by

so what songs will paola inspire?

here's adolfo's list

- popo in the coco
- baby's got the hiccups, hiccups, hiccups
- baby, baby
- chon-cua-ton
- cheepees

we have a camera, a video camera and all sorts of other goodies to capture fleeting accomplishments

she'll fill a book - just like adolfo

next question - do we spend 45.00 for adolfo's pre-k yearbook?


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