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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Camera: Fixed!

I busted the LCD screen on my Canon SD550 the other day. After searching around on the internets for tutorials on how to fix the screen myself, and fighting off the tempation to buy a sweet new camera, I decided to send the camera off to be repaired…

I did more searching on the internets and finally settled on The Foto Geeks. Why did I choose to send it these guys? Did I read a positive review of their services? Did a friend recommend them to me? No! I liked their url! They spell “foto” like I do and they have “geeks” in the name!

Anyhow, despite a deep distrust of Michigan I sent my camera to these fellas. I am happy to say that the service was excellent. They informed me when the camera arrived, and confirmed that indeed the LCD needed to replaced. Less than a week later they called me to let me know that the camera was fixed. They charged me $105 for parts, labor and shipping.


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