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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

One Corporate Nation, Under the Dollar

Anthony wrote this letter to his dad, who, like many of us, voted for the Democrats hoping he was casting a vote for change. It is shocking that we are about to escalate the war, with the possibility of a new war with Iran also looming in the distance. As we continue to give up our civil liberties in the name of democracy, we must pause to ask ourselves what is happening to this country and how we can truly create change in the current climate of corporate-controlled government and media.

Paul, I'm curious what your insight is being in D.C. and if there is a ray of hope anywhere that people can actually change the system. I'm worried about what sort of world my son is going to grow up in -- sometimes it seems like a cross between "1984" and "Idiocracy."

Here's the letter, which I think sums up the situation very well ...

Dear Dad; I want you to know, I applaud your efforts to advance freedom and democracy. I just think to promote the democrats' agenda only further entrenches the status quo, which is a legislative body completely controlled by
corporate interests ; And an executive branch with dictatorial powers.

By helping the dems we only help advance the causes of the global corporations who own them, at the expense of our liberties and standard of living. We need to let the country know the fact that patriot act 1 and 2 combined with the military commissions act literally nullify all our rights described in the of rights.

The unconstitutional tactics the govt claims are reserved for terrorists have been used to send thousands to jail so far,
not one of them a terror related case. The mainstream media presented this bill as a way to protect americans.
The dems are making no effort to appeal these laws. We need to let people know they do not live in a democracy.
We need to tell people that the media is controlled by the same global corporations that control congress,and that since 2000, the govt has spent 1.6 billion in fake news stories to promote their agenda.
(Thats from the Washington Post ,google:1.6 billion in fake news)

If we really lived in a democracy, you'd be right, but unfortunately, our fearless leader is going to send more kids to die
no matter what (his words) the dems do, move on does or the american people want. He also has two more years with two new wars on the table no dem can stop either. Not that they even want to, they will vote for new wars just like they
voted for the iraq war, and then change their position to get elected, and do nothing but maybe a non-binding resolution.

As far as their accomplishments so far, the gap between the dems talking points and the reality is vast and shocking .
I actually read the legislation at congress.org to find out the truth. You wont get it on CNN. S1, the so called lobbying reform bill passed by congress is a shamefull attack on the first amendment, once you look past the dems talking points and actually read what they did. section 220 requires bloggers who get 500 or more hits a year and have any political content to register and report quarterly to congress or face criminal penalties "including up to one year in jail if someone knowingly and willingly fails to report". The bill actually would fine blogs 300,000. dollars for "offensive
statements". For the first time in history, critics of congress will have to report to them.

The student loan bill is nothing but a credit card scam, it reduces rates 3 points over the next three years, and then they go right back to the current rate,saving the average student 14 dollars a month for that limited period. Not a life changing number for students saddled with thousand dollar a month notes.

We have to start with the truth. If people know these facts maybe something will change, but if they keep voting for these criminals, and buying into the myth that one party is good and the other one hates america, we are doomed. The two party system is a divide and conquer strategy -- they vote the same on important issues. they vote for wars and vote to take away our rights. They let us fight over the stuff that will never be decided. I'd rather face the truth and educate people than live a lie, a big lie.

Love, anth


  • After working in the political sphere, in D.C. for the last six months I wish I had some special insight into this stuff but I do not; I do feel that there is a ray of hope that people can actually change the system-- but this belief is not based on any knowledge.

    I think it must be frightening to be a parent; to wonder what kind of world you will leave to your children. Sometimes I wonder what it must have been like for my folks, when we were little, during the height of the cold-war, with the threat of mutually assured destruction real in their minds, with the memory of the Cuban Missle Crisis still fresh in their thoughts... I don't think the future was any less scary then than it is now ...

    I think it is great that Anth and his Pop and yourself are thinking about things and taking action. All persons should, of course, but it seems that parenthood makes that obligation even more real and powerful...

    By Blogger pablo, at 10:00 AM  

  • Thanks for the insight, because, as you pointed out, these details simply aren't covered in the regular news outlets.

    Without a doubt, it seems the current spending agenda for war programs (roughly 667 billion since 2002) will have some severe consequences. If we see it as a loan from the Federal Reserve to the defense industry, the burden of which our children (or nieces & nephews for the non-procreators) will have to bear--it will at least manifest as a measure of increased inflation and all that it entails.

    It's refreshing to hear mutual disgust for the dominant political parties. As you point out, they bicker over standard biblical issues and shake hands over the most contentious ones. Not like guys who talk sense, i.e., Kucinich, have the slightest chance at even the primaries, but they at least offer some much needed sanity on issues of public support for international murder programs and the like.

    I would like nothing more than to see our political representatives feet held to the fire in terms of defense spending. The issue is usually only touched on with the same false dichotomy that got us into Iraq in the first place: "you're either for us or against us" (to pilfer the treasury in the name of the defense industry). Anyone caught speaking out against security spending must want us to die by the hands of the terrorists, or otherwise is a troop-bashing asshole."

    Political polarization has forced the level of debate in this country into underdeterminate binary categories which only serve those with government security contracts.

    By Blogger Ryan, at 1:08 PM  

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