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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, March 12, 2007


The Giver of Life
Originally uploaded by killy.
Yesterday, after we had finished the fence and adolph had left home to prep for a night at the Sorensens, Carol made a quick trip to a local panaderia and picked out some fresh pan dulce so we could spend some time around the table with the family that had shown up. We sat around the table for a good hour talking about the drama that fills the lives our families.

They left around 7 (new time) and since the sun was still up i was compelled to start a new project, emptying the compost and spreading the love. The first wheelbarrow was distributed to the lemon tree, the yellow bells and pecan tree out front. The second wheelbarrow went directly into the small dry plot just under the Bay window. I pulled the two scraggly bushes out of the ground leaving only the three ferns i had planted last year. Of course, one project begets another and i ended up raking the leaves from around the front of the house. I only scratched the surface, but came away with more leaves than i could fit back into the wheelbarrow. When i tried to roll the wheelbarrow to the backyard that's when i heard the plastic crack and the wheelbarrow fall to the left. So now it's parked, full of leaves and two dead scraggly bush carcases, in front of the dead Cavalier in front of my house along with a large pile of brown leaves on the concerete next to it.

The work was invigorating to say the least and i swore to continue what i had started monday evening after work. So when i got home and found adolfo asleep after a long day at the museum with his cousins diego and dezma, that's exactly what i did. I used a large empty paint bucket to transfer compost to the larger bed that holds the azaleas and added a little more to the ferns to even out the ground. Then, I gathered all the pots of neglected, nearly dead plants from last year and began to repot them. The ficas is in a bad way. The aloe is bursting from it's pot, but looks sickly. I think it's trying to escape. There was only one pepper plant left.

And as i did this, i realized why i kept getting this error earlier in the day:

ActionScript 2.0 class scripts may only define class or interface constructs.

I had the .fla file, the .as file, and a movie clip on the stage all the same name, so the compiler thought it was supposed to be looking for a class file. When the compiler saw raw code just sitting out there in the .as file, for example:

ball.onEnterFrame = function(){
mytext_txt.text = ball._x;

it flipped out. It's a good thing i repotted those plants or else i would have never figured that one out.


  • we saw a worm that had to have been at least a foot long - thanks to killy - we have a bountiful compost

    By Blogger CarolinaDivina, at 4:19 PM  

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