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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


So ...

The big question of the day is:

Should I take Adolfo to see Transformers?

When i was growing up i remember my mother taking me to see Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark at the theater. I remember asking her what a 'Raider' was. I don't remember her answer, but i think it had the word ssshhhh in it. It turned out that my eyes had to be covered for certain face-melting scenes and i ended up calling my uncle a bastard (thinking it was an endearing word - i was such a sponge at that age). This was the 'bad' that came of that movie. But the good was that i got to see a really kick-ass movie when i was little and i loved it.

So, here is a movie about robots transforming into cars, airplanes, helicopters, etc... All the things a little boy, and particularly MY little boy, loves! So should i take him and risk a little face-melting and cursing in favor of a fantastic robot-ass-kicking time with the guys? Opinions are welcomed and encouraged.

Speaking of, are we going to the movies tonight?


  • i think you should take him to see transformers - he would totally love it - and you could cover his eyes for the gory scenes

    By Blogger CarolinaDivina, at 8:43 AM  

  • While movie ratings are essentialy arbitrary, they seem to be good guidelines. If a handful of people who think about these things a lot have decided that this film is probably better for kids from, say, 10 and up, it probably contains themes and images that may confuse/distrub younger children, say 4-9 year olds.

    If you subscribe to the guideline theory, and are concerned you should see the movie first and decide for yourself.

    By Blogger todd, at 8:43 AM  

  • Not having seen the movie, it is hard to offer an opinion as to whether you should take your son to see it...

    That said, I don't think you should worry about him being scared. People should be scared of huge be-weaponed robots directed by Michael Bay.

    As for inappropriate content and curse-words and stuff, I don't think that the movie is supposed to be filled with improprieties...

    On the other hand, the movie will probably just big a loud and bright and crazy. Maybe too much shock and awe for a 4.5 year old? My buddy Trei who has a 5.5 year old thinks it might be too much...

    By Blogger pablo, at 8:44 AM  

  • I dont think there are going to be "face melting"
    just alot of bloodless aggression and bloodless death.
    It's not a gore film, it is a violent one.
    The two biggest arguements about this film are:
    1. Violence
    2. Blatant Child Commercialism

    well adolfo already owns a transformer and I am sure like any other boy (myself included) he wants a few more to play war with. So without having taken him to see the movie you have already bought in.
    {this is not a criticism it a statement, I wake up everymorning and choke down my iphone urge}

    as far as violence, well, {again not a criticism} what's the difference between Samurai Jack and the Autobots? Both are violent. It seems that Adolfo is already on his way to detaching himself from media violence. It would only matter at this point if removing him from violent content was some part of a behavior modification because he was still acting out?.......is he?

    And Lastly. Since this is a Micheal Bay flick maybe he can do me the favor of explaining to me what just happened.

    By Blogger taggart, at 8:53 AM  

  • Well, I don't think I'll be going to see Transformers. From what I gather, take a pretty innocent and fun cartoon, throw in some really overdone CG, add a generous splashing of egregious violence, a monster PR campaign...

    It just does not seem like anything I want to inflict upon myself, let alone a child

    Call me a cranky old guy, sure, but I'd just like cartoons to be cartoons. This reanimation seems like the result of Plan 9 from Cybertron.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:58 AM  

  • Thanks everyone for your input. I really am on the fence with the is one, although i'm leaning towards not taking him.

    My daddy side is telling me that this movie will simply overstimulate him (i don't have concerns of him being scared) and cause him to act out in some unforseen way (yes, we are still working on that taggart), but my 'man' side is crying for me to take him cause i know he'll totally love it.

    I'm going to go see it alone (or with you guys) and be praying in my seat the whole time that the movie turns out to be all bark and no bite.


    By Blogger Killy, at 8:59 AM  

  • I am with todd on the need to preview it first. It is hard in our current world to screen out all the 'inappropriate' or 'too violent' content. Even when you do, you will find your son turning a drinking straw or a stick into a 'gun' to shoot his sister with. I think they're better off with at least parents attempting to screen out some of the too violent stuff.

    Keep in mind that this advice is coming from the father that let his son watch Star Wars before he even turned 1.

    By Blogger Kris Gholson, at 9:18 AM  

  • ...and for the record, after having seen this POS last night. I will not take Adolfo to see this movie.

    By Blogger Killy, at 8:30 AM  

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