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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Encountering Time At the Park

Encountering Time At the Park
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Last night we had one of our favorite fast food dinners: Whataburger! Carol started to make dinner, but we all knew it wasn't what we wanted. The previous evening whie watching T.V. (prolly the late night episode of King of the Hill) we had seen a Whataburger commercial and turned to each other with a longing smile...

"... that would be good ..."

So after a fair amount of justificating ("i really dont't want to do dishes tonight..") Carol and Adolfo went to our nearest Whataburger location on Antoine and picked up dinner. If it were up to me, i would have actually gone to a Whataburger location and eaten there, which isn't something that i would normally think to do with other burger joints.

My first year of college was spent in the Rio Grande Valley where there is Whataburger on every corner, practically. My father has what is infamously known as the 'Nickel Cup' - which is an ornate glass coffee mug sold by Whataburger in its early years that you can take into any Whataburger at any time and pay only a nickel for a cup of fresh, hot coffee.

Late at night or early in the morning, I would take my dad's cup and study at the Whataburger in Weslaco. Inside would be a sprinkle of old men, doing the same. Coffee and newspapers would be strewn about and it was very very pleasant.

This was nice enough, but then it also turned out that Carol and I shared our first kiss outside of a Whataburger in McAllen TX (on 10th street) after a night of dancing at Klub X. (I can hear Taggart laughing).

I can't say that the Houston locations hold the same kind of memories for me, but it's nice to go there and remember.

And speaking of Taggart, It must be pointed out that despite our public disagreements with some movies, Taggart and I agree on the this point: Whataburger has the best fast food french fries.

Another quick note: Their webiste is also orange. There are lots of very good things in the world that are orange.


  • Oh my god...half of my youth was spent in McAllen, Tx. My grandfather lives on Ebony street between 27th and 28th. I have a lot of good memories of visiting him. He also has one of the Nickel mugs. I probably ate at the Whata burger on 10th that you're talking about. I never actually went to Klub X, but I remember my cousins raving about it...Ha! Thanks, Killy, you triggered a very nice walk down memory lane for me!

    By Blogger Bianca, at 10:56 AM  

  • i love whataburger because this is where i kissed you for the first time my love

    By Blogger CarolinaDivina, at 3:34 PM  

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