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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Indiana evening

Howdy all,

It is evening of Labor Day. I built, or tried to build, two raised garden beds for Laura. All was going well...despite the many interruptions. But the thing that brought all to a halt was the mosquitoes. There are a rare breed of vicious out here. as if they too are desperate for a bit of culture and think that it will come to them by way of trading itch juice for my west coast blood. I guess all creature like what is novel.

Waiting for the FEDEX man to bring me some CDs I ordered. Not tonight being Labor Day and all. I have been listening to a band called Two Gallants. They are on the Saddle Creek record label. Same one as Bright Eyes. I am convinced that that boy(Connor Oberst) is a genius for writing songs. The Two Gallants band has a great sound.....nothing ground breaking....but real solid. Grainy Hard and Melodic.

I am hoping to become more of a contributor to this here blog since I have been pretty much only a reader for quite awhile.

So far the life here is good. We have a nice big house. All the neighbors seem to be cool. The towns (Lafayette, West Lafayette) are interesting. I have found soccer and there is also a skatepark. I don't need much more then this.

Gonna go do some laundry.

Ya'll come visit. Corn and Soybeans all around.


  • the house looks lovely! i look forward to visiting y'all out there; i have an uncle that worked at Purdue for years and often spoke of loveliness out there; he never mentioned the mosquitoes though...

    By Blogger pablo, at 1:33 PM  

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