Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Knee Surgey

Man, knee surgery is a pain in the ass. Literally. But after a 4 days of just lying around on my butt things are starting to feel a lot better.

Today I went to my first PT appointment and was happy to learn that things are progressing well. Also, I was taught some exercises that should make the day-to-day more bearable, as the most difficult part of this ordeal has been the inactivity…

Thanks to all for your thoughts and well-wishes. Thanks especially to Todd who has come by daily, some times twice a day, to refill my ice machine, bring me food, make sure I have water, etc.

Also, for those of you that want a glimpse into the horrors of an ACL reconstruction and meniscectomy, here are some choice images from my surgery:



Adolph said...

I'm so glad you are recovering--that sounds like it sucks. Definitely not festival-like.

todd said...

Adolph, was that an Austin City Limits pun? You pun at Pablo in his time of need? For shame!

colin said...

Those photos are nasty!
I am glad you are through it and on the recovery side. How long till you are up and running again?

CarolinaDivina said...

glad you got that over with now - i understand recovery is worse if you wait longer - congratulations