Thursday, June 19, 2008

Selfish and vain

It is shame how selfish and vain i am.

Were i not i could say things like:

  • Killy, congratulations on your recent jQuery victories.

  • Shane, nice to hear from you, glad to hear you are dong well.

  • Taggart (and especially Elizabeth), congratulations on so many things, mainly your exceptionally adorable daughter

  • Adolph and Amber congratulations on your new home. I am so happy for the both of you.

  • Pablo, congratulations on yaks and such.

  • Colin, congratulations on life in general, and spirit besides.

Alas, i am a selfish bastard, and all i can say is "I made this," and i am kinda proud of myself.

P.S: because i am selfish and vain (don't forget vain) i will ask anyone who sees anything grievously wrong with the above linked site to email me.


shane said...

Hi Todd, that site looks beautiful! It's only vain if your pride's not justified. I wish I knew how to make things!

pablo said...

Good job Serpa. Also, I get a nasty JS error on IE6 (WinME) when I reload the images. attached is screenshot.

colin said...

The only grevious error i SEE is that you are working for the Arts....never do that...they are all a bunch of no good bastards.

CarolinaDivina said...

thanks for the update todd
nice to hear from you
nice site

colin said...

Come around more often is good to see what your up to.