Wednesday, March 25, 2009

THINGS I wish i had time to do

so tonight i wish i could
  • make lasagna
  • read a book
  • exercise HARD CORE
  • draw and paint
  • write a letter
  • make papier-mâché easter eggs with the kids
  • clean the fridge
  • shop for clothes
  • build a cardboard castle with the kids
  • have a bubble bath
  • bake cookies
  • drink wine
  • relax with my husband

i am going home to
  • make Picadillo (that's mexican shepherd's pie to you ohio-ans)
  • check the homework
  • exercise quickly...
  • bathe the kids
and that's it
that's it...

1 comment:

colin said...

I feel your pain lady.
Or...more to the point....I feel your responsibility.

It is nice, even the little things can be so nice.
I only manage that when I am not overly tired.