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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

dog fight

I saw a horrible thing today, and if you are of a delicate disposition i warn you against reading this post. I am only writing about it in an attempt to get it out of my head, though i am doubtful this will work.

During my lunch break, i went to Which-wich, a chain sandwich shop in The Triangle, a weird live/shop island near Hyde Park. The Triangle has an open area which is used as an off-leash dog park by nice people and irresponsible fucking jack-ass bastards.

A nice lady with a dog, an Australian shepherd of some sort, i guess, was throwing a ball for her dog. 20-30 pounds of fluffy, ball-chasing happiness. We will call him Fluffy.

A little way away an irresponsible fucking jack-ass bastard and his wife/girlfriend were playing with their dogs, one of which was a 'dog-fighting dog' probably a bull terrier of some sort, but i do not really know my breeds. We'll call him Spike. His owner is still 'irresponsible fucking jack-ass bastard.' Spike is 70+ pounds of black, white and teeth.

Fluffy somehow attracted Spike's attention, despite being separated by a good 20 yards (it's a big park). Spike charged Fluffy and attacked.

After a brief, one-sided 'fight' Spike had his jaws clamped around Fluffy's throat. Not being dramatic, not mistaking neck for throat. I mean throat. 5-10 seconds, max. Fluffy's owner is screaming and hitting Spike with a leash, irresponsible fucking jack-ass bastard is ignorant.

Fluffy is now yelping and struggling for his life. Spike has a death-grip on his throat and is shaking Fluffy back and forth. Irresponsible fucking jack-ass bastard and his w/g figure out what is going on and spend the next five to ten minutes trying to keep their dangerous dog from killing Fluffy. They grab him, pull his tail, shout, and are generally incapable of making the dog let go. Finally, Spike lets go and Fluffy runs away, seeking comfort from his owner, who scoops him up and tries to get away. Irresponsible fucking jack-ass bastard's w/g makes nice sounds at her. I do not know how Fluffy's owner did not smack the shit out of her.

Spike's face is covered in Fluffy's blood.

Irresponsible fucking jack-ass bastard (and his bitch-ass w/g) actually have three dogs, Spike, an older Schnauzer (Boss) and a puppy Schnauzer (we'll call him Pup). Pup had run off near me, and, while the drama unfolded, I had picked him up, and was attempting to comfort/contain him. At some point irresponsible fucking jack-ass bastard called out 'please get that little dog', referring to Pup, and i did. Pup was terrified and a puppy, so he did not know what to do. He seemed to like being held, so I held him.

After the horror show irresponsible fucking jack-ass bastard, every inch the smug fucking polite bastard, called out, 'thanks for getting my dog.' I put him down and tried to shoo him back towards irresponsible fucking jack-ass bastard.

Pup, no dummy, wanted nothing to do with that asshole, and scampered off again. I picked him up again, and carried him over to Boss, an un-dangerous, well-behaved dog. Irresponsible fucking jack-ass bastard was 'very nice' saying 'sorry' and 'thanks' and other disingenuous bullshit.

As loud as i could i shouted 'you should not be apologizing to me, fucker.' He seemed confused, and oozed hurt 'what did *i* do?'-ness out of every pore of his irresponsible fucking jack-ass bastard being. He kept yelling, 'thanks!' as if confused that my lack of response was discorteous. Irresponsible fucking jack-ass bastard.

I wanted to do to him exactly what his dog did to Fluffy. I wanted to punch him until i puked. He had no idea that he was an irresponsible fucking jack-ass bastard and i wanted to tell him, to let him know.

I feel like a coward for not leaping to help Fluffy. I was awash in adrenaline, and, so felt bullet-proof and nauseated. In the end i just felt disappointed that i did nothing, was too scared to help a threatened animal. He was so scared and i didn't help.

I know i would have been hurt, I know Spike was more than a match for me , but that's no excuse. i should have helped. i should have done something.

I'm so upset and angry. I should have beat irresponsible fucking jack-ass bastard into a bloody pulp and told him why he was wrong, i should have done SOMETHING.

what did i do? i held and comforted a puppy. i'm a fucking hero.

I don't blame Spike. What happened is not his fault. He is of a breed that has been created from dogs that have a tendency to kill other dogs. People (like irresponsible fucking jack-ass bastard) bitch and moan that certain breeds are 'misunderstood.' They are perfectly understood, they are just not blamed. Their owners, who clearly do *not* understand the breed are to blame. They don't get the raw power they 'own' and can't control. They don't get that their dog, who is 'great with kids' is a dog-killing machine bred by other irresponsible fucking jack-ass bastards.

i'm a fucking coward.


  • Unfortunately Todd, those who often acquire things to supplement their manliness are too weak (unmanly) to control the token items that supplement their inadequacies; guns, trucks, dogs, high end coffee makers.

    By Blogger taggart, at 11:03 PM  

  • i'm so sorry todd - i'm so sorry for the dog and for good-hearted you to have been witness to that - don't be so hard on yourself - and you did help a poor defenseless puppy...i'm just glad to know that the other dog was able to run away at least - i hope the little dog is ok - i'm glad you're ok

    By Blogger CarolinaDivina, at 9:04 AM  

  • I have an office job and an active imagination....I often think to myself of the heroics that I will accomplish when tested.
    So far in my life I have seen that I am able to rise to some occasions and not to others...Why this is, is unclear.

    Being a coward, I don't feel, is a part of the equation.

    In the situation you described....you and your bare hands and your adrenaline were not going to prevent or even stop what happend.
    Only people that have never had their ass tore up by a dog get in the middle of a dog fight.

    You're no coward Todd...but you do have an amazing capacity to feel responsible for all that you see.
    Bordering on a superpower....so..as with all great superpowers...be careful.
    Don't turn the power on yourself to often.

    By Blogger colin, at 7:33 AM  

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