Sunday, April 26, 2009

The soothing beauty of a made bed.

I never make my bed. I find the rumple of covers/clothes/towels that generally resides atop my mattress pleasant to burrow under and thrash around in when the time for sleep comes. This is a long-time habit, and unlikely to change soon.

However, since May has snuck up and blind-sided me, and i find myself with 58% or so of my stuff in boxes, or staged, ready to box in my living room, no lease signed and 4 days or so to find somewhere to (a) sleep and bathe and (b) put my stuff i find i can fully appreciate the island of crisp, calm serenity and declaration of control that is a neatly made bed.

Similar to my long-time refusal to make my bed i have had a habit of believing that i have accomplished the things i think about for too long. Having now thought about where i want to live next for entirely too long, i guess i figured i had already sorted it out, and am scrambling. In an odd way it is kind of fun. If push comes to shove i have a friend i can crash with for two weeks or so, and a line on a room (think B&B) i can finagle for two more. I know i can rent a pickup for $20 a day, so i can start ferrying my meager possessions to either a storage facility or a new apartment.

There are two viable options, one available immediately (the responsible choice, but lacking something) and one slightly later (quirky, but not everything i am looking for). So, i squirm on the horns of dilemma: settle and take the 'right now' place, or hold out for something better.

Whatever happens i am enjoying the scramble as it takes me a bit out of myself, a thing sorely needed.

I hope all readers of this periodic blog are well, happy, and know where they are gonna put their stuff.


pablo said...

Just recently I started making my bed regulary and I too find it to be a soothing ritual. I have insufficient data to explain why this is so.

Also, good luck with the moving.

taggart said...

I find that making the bed 15 minutes before Liz gets home and about 4 hours before she gets into it is a time honored tradition in our home.
We all win, I get to procrastinate for almost ten hours and Liz gets to believe that the house has been in order for most of the day.

todd said...

Holy Crap, Taggart is still alive!

colin said...

"i have had a habit of believing that i have accomplished the things i think about for too long."

I am right there with you Todd.
Let us know where you land. (or where you imagine you have landed)