Friday, May 22, 2009

We have the technology

So, i saw a shoulder specialist today and got an anatomy lesson.

the clavicle is like a support beam against which various ligaments pull against. I also learned that i broke mine in two places, each one is attached to important ligaments, so the bulk of my clavicle is floating free, about 1/4 inch out of place.

These types of fractures do not heal well naturally, so i am having surgery Wednesday. That's right, soon i will be bionic. i'll be getting a plate, some screws and wires to put my shoulder back together.

The best part is that i should be out of the sling and able to work again in a week, rather than 4-6 weeks.

more details as typing becomes less painful.

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colin said...

Todd "The Science Experiment" Serpa.
Glad your healing time has decreased.