Monday, June 08, 2009


man, this crap is wearing me out.

I cannot imagine the chronic pain of a true laborer: miner, ditch-digger, what have you, but i am getting a little insight. It is no wonder that Oxycodone is a hot property.

I know that some of you faithful blog readers have *real* headaches, but imagine having one of the lighter-weight ones in your shoulder.

For three weeks.

It is not awful, but it *is* relentless.

I am getting better, a little bit every day, but it still hurts, and i am a wuss.

Sorry for bitching, but the amiable mocking i usually get from this peanut gallery frequently makes things better.


JP said...

Have you tried rubbing some dirt on it? My football coach told me that helps. Yes, I "played" football, jerk!

pablo said...

You are not a wuss; I cannot think of anyone more capable of shouldering this burden.

todd said...

The previous comment brought to you by the word 'snarcasm.'

killy said...

... and the number 6, which coincidentally is the number of screws in todd's shoulder.

todd said...

Nice, Killy, very nice indeed.

colin said...

No matter what anyone else says, Todd. I think you're a wuss. and a damn good one at that.