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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

i like the raindrops

ok so here goes everybody

i have done nothing but be a mom for so long i don't even know myself these days

but lately the pace is slowing down, either that or i've really lost more then my sense of normalcy

in any case, my kiddoes are growing, Paola has taken to independence like a toddler's finger to a nostril and Adolfo continues to develop into a growing, glowing example of genius (translate, quirky, but charmingly so and using lots of electronic intestines)
i am proud of my children
so life goes on at the Chavez household.
Just two short weeks after Adolfo's piano recital
Paola starred at her ballet recital

She performed two dances with her group and two dances with her parents. She was selected as the leader of her group and performed flawlessly and fearlessly. The two dances were, Singing Poodle and Kewpie Doll
I'm glad to report that she prefers NOT to wear makeup.
Adolfo has joined the YMCA swim team and is now busy flirting with the female lifeguards and inventing new swim strokes much to his coach's dismay. But he dutifully performs as expected during meets and is thankfully not abashed at coming in last.
Paola is also taking swimming lessons and insists that she could swim on her own. Of course, I'm terrified and hover around her like a crazed octopus ready to grab at any sign of distress. She laughs it off as she does most things. Yes, this little girl is going to teach me a thing or two.
As the kids are growing, Killy and I are readying for change. I guess this means we are finally comfortable with the way things are, and as you all know, Killy and I thrive on stress, so we just need to make things a little more complicated.
Killy is going back to school to study Biomedical Engineering. I don't know how that's going to work itself into our lives, but I do know that it will and we will be happier for it because King Killy will be happier. :-)
I like my job in that the hours allow me time with my children. But I know that soon, Paola being old enough for public school means I have an opportunity to think about my career as something that can be emotionally rewarding for me. Hmmm, the possibilities are endless...

so what's new with you?


  • I liked the raindrops too. Where'd they go?

    Anyway, sounds like things are good for you and your family. I can certainly relate to your pride in your children, and I know the excitement and maybe just a little (and sometimes a lot of) anxiety that accompanies the changes that accompany their getting older that accompanies our own and drives us to change as well. This is all good, in my opinion.

    Ari is now 8. He does karate, got his yellow belt a few months ago. Today's his last day of the 2nd grade. When he starts the 3rd grade, I'll start my first real job. Karin, in the meantime, and in addition to teaching, has qualified herself as a systems-theoretical counselor, and she's now in the process of training as a Montessori teacher. I'm very proud of both of them. I'm very happy, very excited, and occasionally just a little (and sometimes very) anxious about the continuous change in our lives.

    By Blogger shane, at 2:28 AM  

  • yay Thanks Shane for sharing everything you guys are up to - i recently came across some journals i kept from 1998 and although my aspirations and lifestyle were very different (i almost didn't recognize my voice)one thing was always constant - the love killy and i share is everpresent - and that makes everything else a breeze

    i can't wait to sit down and read your work - it's my summer reading list - that is the only thing on my summer reading list!

    please receive hugs and good wishes to your family from everyone over here! And post some pics soon!
    later gater

    By Blogger CarolinaDivina, at 9:54 AM  

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