Thursday, August 05, 2010 new favorite city

This place is unreal.
I feel as if I have taken some sort of really unintrusive acid.
I can't begin to get my boozed up fingers to type out some sort of semblance of a picture to capture it all. Duh.

The place unfolds drivers taking me and my co-workers to the resturant....turning down maze like strret with well developed concrete barriers and trash and high end stores and slappped together corrugated steel shanties....with a continous buzz of cycles.....the wide nose of the Indonesian people.....I only see it from the window.....they do not hold eye contact....busy with the demands of life in such a meat grinder of a city.

Fancy is different...derilict buildings are common...tomorrow to Bali

Electric line in Shanghi


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Beautiful. Bet it's not up to code.