Saturday, July 24, 2010

ASIA trip

This Tues day I head to Portland for a few days then head to Asia.
I will be over there for 10 days.
China - Indonesia - Bali - Vietnam.

Never been to the Orient before.

Very excited.


pablo said...

wow! work? vacation? both?

demand pictures and drawings.

colin said...

Will be my pleasure to indulge your request.

todd said...

I second the demand for pics and drawings.

And for you to be careful and safe. I know Pablo meant that as well, because, you know, he's a great guy.

Ryan said...

Holy crap! Can I demand something too? You must eat some pickled meat product that would make any grown American yak. And pictures and drawrings.

CarolinaDivina said...

Yes please eat exotic foodstuffs like insects and frogs on a stick or french fry covered spam wieners - i would SO TOTALLY do that if i were there - and take pictures! oh man i am so excited for you so excited!!! yayay
oh and drawl a lot