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The Indefinite Article.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ninja Lego

Ninja Lego
Originally uploaded by killy
We've also been playing with Legos. Lots and lots of Legos. Adolfo's newest acquisition, which he purchased with Xmas money, was a ninja set. I had no idea there were Lego Ninjas.

Adolfo, who is a bigger authority on the subject will give you his take:

i have the lego ninja on the picture! i love it!! i will put it in my collection.....................................................of lego people! do you see the bow & arrow on the back of the lego ninja? it is connected to the hat. i have lego space ships (13 in., 14 ft (up)) that are powered by a lego motor ($4.99)! see it if you really really really really can!

So there ya go. That's what is in Adolfo's head.


  • adolfo's head is beautiful - your eye is beautiful - paola's voice is beautiful - my foot is beautiful

    By Blogger CarolinaDivina, at 10:25 PM  

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