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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, February 27, 2003

thanks for the kudos killy. and you are not alone in being unable to view adolph's widget. he has lamented the fact that blogger will not let him embed flash elements.
which baby movie are you going to post? did you get an ftp program for the pc?

as far as the light meter goes, i guess you now know the problem is not with the digiCam you were using. that's lame.

yesterday evening diana found a little hurt bird in the driveway. she bundled it up in a tea towel and carried it upstairs for further bundling in a few of my old t-shirts. unable to find a responsive animal shelter at that time of night we made the little guy as warm as possible and hoped for the best.
the bird did not make it. it was heartbreaking this morning to see this helpless little thing, dead in its safe little nest, a piece of crumbled bread nearby


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