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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, March 03, 2003

well I am now back in San Marcos................been bouncing between places recently.
I was calling Todd for some advice about digi cams.......
I was wondering and wandering about Houston Friday morning wasting some hrs whilst waiting for Marky Mark.
I was determined to buy a digicam that mourning.
between target, best buy, micro centre and the apple store.
The On-line Apple store was offering the Fuji Finepix 3800 for 299$ smackers and had a host of fine features and 3.0 Meg capture.
however wasnt very pocket friendly. and all plastic-y
The elph was calling with its compact size and rugged metal exterior however 299 would only get me as far as the 2.0 Meg
elph s200 not the s230......with the 3.0 at both target best buy apple store.
so I rummaged through the bargain bin at the apple store and found they had the demo powershot s30 for 299 with metal exterior
small size (not at small as the elphs but small enough and with a few more features) and 3.2 meg capture.

So.....I digged deeper and found the powershot s40 with all the same features but 4.0 meg capture but 379......
talked him down to 340 and bought it.
so without todd I managed to spend more than I wanted to and get a little more than I wanted.


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