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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

adolph: carol's mom is coming to the valley for the very specific purpose of being picked up and brought to houston. she is going to stay with maru for a week and then fly to chicago so she can visit the family over there. i don't know how long she will be staying. even ONE trip to the valley is a long time to spend in a car with three people and a baby. you're right. it's gonna suck.

liz: sorry for the 'not so appropriate for work' link. but be careful! this is a boy-blog full of 'boy-love' (amber's words). if you roll over a link without touching it, the address is displayed on the bottom of the ie window. that way you won't be surprised the next time you click on a mysterious link. with adolph talking about amber and 'boy-love' and his being able to 'talk' freely on the blog, i just had to do something.

i really hope adolph checked that out by the way. i know he is gonna love it. it's cloudy outside today.


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