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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

this is prolly the funniest thing carol and i have done together in a long time. read it and laugh.

lemonfreshrecon: good moring carol
LaDivinaCarolina: good morning dave
LaDivinaCarolina: did killy tell you?]
lemonfreshrecon: tell me what?
lemonfreshrecon: killy usually tells me everything!
lemonfreshrecon: i'm surprised he would hold anything back
LaDivinaCarolina: about our nanny being picked up by the new
lemonfreshrecon: what could it be?
lemonfreshrecon: picked up by the new?
LaDivinaCarolina: border patrol thing
LaDivinaCarolina: what's it called
LaDivinaCarolina: again
lemonfreshrecon: la migra?
LaDivinaCarolina: no
LaDivinaCarolina: not la migra
lemonfreshrecon: INS?
LaDivinaCarolina: shoot i can't remember
LaDivinaCarolina: it has to do with protecting the us
lemonfreshrecon: department of home land security?
LaDivinaCarolina: ye yes yes
lemonfreshrecon: why?
LaDivinaCarolina: she was picked up by the dept of homeland
lemonfreshrecon: what did she do?
LaDivinaCarolina: because she tried to come across the border with
LaDivinaCarolina: stuff to make yogurt
lemonfreshrecon: ha
LaDivinaCarolina: and some herbal supplements
lemonfreshrecon: those fools
LaDivinaCarolina: and they had her suitcase for like three days
LaDivinaCarolina: and then they tracked her down
killythemac: OH YEAH!
LaDivinaCarolina: because i was calling to look for the bag
killythemac: i was going ot tell you...
LaDivinaCarolina: and they had our phone number
LaDivinaCarolina: and then the came to get her
LaDivinaCarolina: so now she's in customs
killythemac: or custody..
lemonfreshrecon: we are in big trouble if they have nothing better to do that haras cute girls like eleo!
killythemac: isn't that funky?
LaDivinaCarolina: having to submit a statement
killythemac: it's eleo's mom...you weirdo
lemonfreshrecon: oh!
LaDivinaCarolina: and i'm supposed to go see what's up this afternoon
lemonfreshrecon: her mom
LaDivinaCarolina: yes
LaDivinaCarolina: man oh man
killythemac: yeah, i don't want to have to tell eleo the news..
lemonfreshrecon: i bet she can kick all of their asses!
lemonfreshrecon: eleo doesn't know!
LaDivinaCarolina: and i was worried about
LaDivinaCarolina: telling eleo
LaDivinaCarolina: and everyone
lemonfreshrecon: oh my!
LaDivinaCarolina: that this is
killythemac: i mean, that would stink: "your mother is being held indefinately cause of some yogurt powder or something.."
LaDivinaCarolina: an
LaDivinaCarolina: how could i tell eleo
killythemac: i just don't know how..
lemonfreshrecon: paul's mother in law is locked up! how so not funny!
LaDivinaCarolina: that this is
killythemac: hey dave, isn't your dad a lawyer?
lemonfreshrecon: yep
killythemac: could he help us out..?
killythemac: i mean, could he help us out...
lemonfreshrecon: i'll ask
LaDivinaCarolina: yeah
lemonfreshrecon: i'll call him now
lemonfreshrecon: hold on a bit
killythemac: it would be great if he could figure out if this was april fools or not...
killythemac: that would really help...
LaDivinaCarolina: yes it would
killythemac: i mean, lawyers know when april fool's is right?
killythemac: they have big calenders on their desks?
LaDivinaCarolina: i mean any fool knows when april fools is
LaDivinaCarolina: right dave
killythemac: that tell them what day it is?
killythemac: that dope is on the phone with his dad!
killythemac: hahaha!
killythemac: hahaha!
LaDivinaCarolina: ha ha ha
killythemac: jeez, dave's own dad prolly put him on hold!
killythemac: double whammy!
killythemac: ha!
LaDivinaCarolina: man oh man
LaDivinaCarolina: or maybe he's wringing his hands and chuckling
LaDivinaCarolina: thinking of a way to get us back
lemonfreshrecon: what?
lemonfreshrecon: i just talked to my dad
lemonfreshrecon: he said he could help
LaDivinaCarolina: wudhesay
lemonfreshrecon: will be in huston tomorrow for a siminar. i gave him your number to the house.
lemonfreshrecon: can he stay with your guys?
LaDivinaCarolina: goof
LaDivinaCarolina: didn't you know it was an april fools
LaDivinaCarolina: he is welcome to stay
lemonfreshrecon: what?
lemonfreshrecon: you ass faces!
LaDivinaCarolina: if he doesn't mind the couch
LaDivinaCarolina: eleo's mom is staying in the guest room
lemonfreshrecon: i just called my dad and asked him for help!
lemonfreshrecon: i hate you guys
LaDivinaCarolina: we love you
lemonfreshrecon: oh, i can tell
lemonfreshrecon: now i have to call him and tell him you guys are punks
lemonfreshrecon: thats it
LaDivinaCarolina: you can tell him
LaDivinaCarolina: april fools dad!
lemonfreshrecon: i'm calling la migra on you guys


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