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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

well, i was about to rename the blog, "adolph&killytalktoeachotherinthemostinefficientway.blogspot.com". nice to see a post from paul.

paul: yeah, i got your mail. just this morning. i've had to block some people out of my email life cause they just don't understand that they don't have to forward everything they think is funny/interesting/thought provoking/inspirational to you. Hey! once the cops have determined that you are not a terrorist, ask if one of them can take your picture while the other has you cuffed on the ground! that would be a funny picture...make sure you have a beard.

i can't wait for colin to get here! i am so excited to see him, laura, and the kids. ha! the kids! so then, we'll bbq at the park? is sewall park for alumni too? wouldn't we be exiled to that 'other side' of sewall park where it's normally swollen with families? eewww...


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