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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

well, that's actually kinda nice. i don't think we'll be making up to austin this sunday cause, well, it's carol's first mother's day. plus, i've got things going on here for my own mother as well. maybe you guys can manage to swing by whenever you are done on saturday so we can at least say 'bye' to little diana. we'll miss her so much.

i was thinking about getting up there on saturday, but i've got way too much other stuff to accomplish this weekend. i know tag (and especially liz) will disappointed that the bb-q may kinda flop, but it's just a bad weekend, i think. with amber's graduation and mother's day on the same weekend...it's kinda a lot for one weekend. we're not all as young as we used to be. ha!

of course, we could always plan it for the following weekend, and just send diana a movie of the party on cd! she's got a laptop now. we'll have to make sure that todd installs quicktime on her box so she can see all the movies we send her.



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