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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

you're right adolph - i thought i was everybody's mother since i met all of you - at least all of you have expressed this idea to me at one point or another

seeing as how i've been everybody's mother for so long and have not been appreciated for just as long (every mother is never appreciated enough you know) - you can add me to your lists of cheesy fun presents to buy for mothers on mother's day

some ideas - photo keychains - babysitting I.O.U booklets - a pancake breakfast - movie coupons - jazz cds (all mothers love jazz cds) - a sweater - faux pearls - flowers - photo albums - you get the drift

i look forward to your shindig at adolph's place - baby will be there for as long as he can stand it

there will be plenty of milk since i will be at the party


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