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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, June 09, 2003

Killy seemed rather interested in what i have learned of late working for Mark so I decided to show and tell some of the equipment we use. We use these Pelican cases to carry our crap in since in total all HIS crap is worth more than I make in a year or two. They are air and water tight and can take one hell of a beating. Inside are the two Sinar 4x5 setups we use. They break down for real easily unlike the other 4x5's I have had previous experience with. We also carry two polaroid backs, extension rods for the bellows and a lightmeter. In total this case weighs the lightest of the 3 we carry weighing in at about 75 lbs.

The cameras can be put together in about 2 min. They consist of the lens holder in the front and the back which holds the frenels. Instead of REAL accordian style bellows we use these leather one fold things which can take a beating and dont rip as easily as the more traditional ones. ON the back we use this mirror box that flips the image so it is not upside down but it IS still backward. The box also shields the light and magnifies the image so we do not have to use the old loop and dark cloth technique to focus and compose.

The standard lense we use is a 90 which is pretty darn wide angle and about as wide as you can go on a 4x5 before you have to start using a Center Weighted neutral density filter. We only have on lense that requires it and that is the 75mm. The 90 is about equal to a 28mm and the 70mm is about a 22-24 on a 35. This is what is looks like all put together.


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