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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, June 02, 2003

so i got passed down to me 900 ft. of kodak 5302 positive black and white motion picture film. it's only sensitive to blue light and has a rating of about 2 (can you believe that!?)

i don't see much online about shooting it as a regular film, but i think this will be something cool to experiment with. but i'd like to get some educated guesses as to what to do to get decent results. my first thoughts are to put a light blue filter on when i shoot the film. i wonder what would happen, though, if i put a yellow on? certainly it wouldn't come out black would it? i mean, theoretically it should right?

also, i figure that i would prolly get the best exposures in the shade, since the shade is bouncing around a lot of blue light. and what about with a flash? another thing that got handed off to me were colored flash filters. i wonder how this film would react to blue flash photography? any guesses? any ideas?


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