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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, June 02, 2003

Speaking of fields, I have been sleeping in them lately. Here outside of munich they grow the grass really long. so long that each individual blade o grass sprouts its own evil pollen distributor. this combined with bowling ball sized dandy-lions makes Bavaria the place for sneezing. my sneeze record so far is 57 sneezes in a row. this morning when i set my sneeze record i actually lots consciousness from the effort. it was pretty incredible.

despite the sneezing i feel pretty good. im not sure why but here are a few reasons:

a. i had curry-wurst for breakfast
b. this afternoon i will be playing soccer in a nicely mowed not sneeze be-causing field
c. i went to an art museum on a street with a long and hard to pronounce name and I saw this painting by Gustav Kilmt.
d. i will be talking to my eleo on the phone tomorrow night to wish her a happy birthday and to just hear her sweet voice
e. i will probably have some-kind-of-wurst for dinner
f. i will probably also have a huge beer
g. i may get to hang out with holly bronkow who happens to be in town on a photo-shoot
h. this article on slashdot has revived my hopes of being able to scale walls, and hang by my feet from the cieling


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