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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

hey hoooahh...

Was beautiful beyond belief to see you all once again in such familiar and emotionaly evocative surroundings. Gives me so much to think on as to the shifts that life provides as we grow. Amazing to connect so directly to peoples cores without first having to brandish conversation with the skill of a surgeon to cut through layers of superficiality. We are back into the great northwest. Last night I awoke around 2 am to rummage through the closet and pull back out the feather blanket.

Amber(NY)- tell antony I am busy as a bucktooth beaver in a balsa forrest, and will call him when my time slows a bit, congrats again.

To all, If you find yourself somehow in possesion of a plane ticket and arrive in Portland, you are all welcome. me casa - you casa.

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