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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Suburb living (update)

I'm spotting Elements at every corner it seems; in all different colors: burnt orange (i've seen several of those), blue (today's spotting). Carol doesn't like them; she thinks they're just ugly. I'm indifferent, but i am becoming more curious about their appeal to so many people (people here, at least.)

I've discovered an advantage to living here: the checkout girls/guys at the grocery stores are super fast. For real.

Today, the baby and i walked and talked with each other. He would point his hands out to the trees and streetlamps, and say, "...ah..." kinda short and abrupt with a surprised tone in his voice. There are mini magnolia trees everywhere here. He likes to touch the leaves on those trees.

We also met aliya, the black retriever.

If i leave work after five fifteen, i might as well leave at six. I go home straight down main. It isn't so bad (once you leave the med center) till you get past Hiram Clarke and have to sit at the light at south post oak; then, chimney rock; then, hillcroft; then, fondren; then, independence; then, the two unnecessary lights in stafford; then, the turn at 'e' street; then, the light to get onto 1092; then, the light at lexington; and the neighborhood lights and stop signs; then, the light to cross highway 6; and finally to two remaining stop signs to go to my place.


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