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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003


Today i took an old video tape of Dr. K's of Laryngeal Cancer and transferred it to DV and then took it into Premiere. In between conferences tomorrow i've got to cut out all the superfluous title pages and slice the movie into six different movies to be placed into a power point talk he's giving.

it's crazy looking stuff. now i know what a normal larynx and a cancerous larynx look like. I'll update this post tomorrow when i get a still. (any votes for normal or cancerous? or should i put both?)

I also got yet another poster to construct. This time it's about JHACO, an organization that kinda watchdogs hospitals. The poster is supposed to reflect the processes were implementing to please organizations like them.

Today we also met with an Ilford rep who brought us a 30 ft roll of satin quick-dry paper for the plotter. It's nice stuff. i printed a poster on it for comparison. It's slightly heavier and has a subtle texture to the paper. I like it better than what we're currently using.

So i'm busy at work. Busy as a bee, and i still find time to chat with my good buddy paul.


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