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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, October 17, 2003

Paper Lantern Version 1.0

Download your copy of Paper Lantern (523 KB) today! This simple blogging tool makes it easy to post message to any blog that supports the Blogger or Metaweblog APIs, including For Whom The Blog Tolls!. In fact, this version comes pre-configured for your convenience, so to start blogging all you have to do is go to the Preferences pane and fill in your username and password. Then you'll be all set to blog away!

Paper LanternVersion 1.0 sports the following features:
- Spell Checking: For those of us whose spelling is no good.
- Save As Draft: For those of us who like to carefully craft our poorly spelled posts
- Work Offline : For those times you really want to blog but the caf´┐Ż you are at doesn't have free wifi
- Update Post: Perhaps the most useful feature of all for those of us who even after spending hours carefully editing and spell-checking still manage to publish an error and type-o ridden post.

Paper Lantern is 100% pure Cocoa, written in Objective-C. It sports a SQLite database (Objective-C wrapper provided by blackholemedia.com) and uses Apple's WebServicesCore framework to handle XML-RPC calls.


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