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The Indefinite Article.

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Diagnosis: Starvation!?

The last couple of days have been somewhat better. My mouth isn't so sore in the mornings and my breath isn't so bad. I've treid to ween myself off of vicodin since the extraction. I now take about 400 mg of Ibuprofin (motrin) instead.

I got a phone call from my doctor with the results of my blood tests on friday afternoon. I had gone in for a true doctor visit on wednesday. According to my labs i was clinically going through starvation. I was aghast. Starving?, i asked. Yeah, are you eating?, she returned. By the time she had called me i had shoved a filet o' fish down my gullet.

That didn't go down very well. It upset my fragile stomach for the rest of the afternoon. I don't remember if i ate anything else. My mouth was still really sensitive.

My first REAL meal came on saturday afternoon. I ate oatmeal in the morning, and tried a full day of activities: we got the baby ready, left the house for the mall, then to target, and other miscellaneous activities.

Our first stop was the mall. After about 1/2 hour i nearly collapsed from exhaustion/hunger. I walked out of there using the stroller to hold me up. I came back to the house and put a tuna sandwich in my belly and a glass of apple juice. I felt dizzy and lightheaded - like i had eaten a ten course meal. I collapsed in the bed and slept for about two hours. I felt a little better afterward and we tried again.

Target, this time. 1/2 hour in there and i began to feel weak again. Carol was adamant about getting me a full meal. She asked me what i wanted: mexican food. We stopped at a small mexican place where i got a full plate of green chicken enchiladas w/ all the trimmings.

With each bite i got dizzy and lightheaded again, but kept eating. I just powered it in. I got through all the beans, rice and ONE enchilada. I felt as full as i'd ever been. We walked the full feeling off at half price books (right next door) and then home for a full fledged nap.

At the end of the evening...my breath didn't smell so bad. Like fresh beans, maybe...


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