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The Indefinite Article.

Sunday, December 28, 2003

Lazy Sunday

Whoever is reading this i'm sure that it is cloudy, cool, and occasionally rainy. That is the way it has been most of the day here in sugarland.

First thing this morning i had to search the car for a cache of diapers cause we frantically realized there wasn't a diaper in the house. Luckily for adolfo iv, his parents keep a loaded diaper bag in the car: enough, at least, to keep him dry for the rest of the day. I walked outside without shoes and realized quickly that it had rained that night. The car was pebbled with water drops.

Later that afternoon, the sun was out, but not for very long. I took advantage of it tho...

but then all of a sudden, the clouds rolled in. We spent the entire afternoon cleaning the house and playing with the baby...


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