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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004


I'm back in Portland. All in all it's good to be home. Life is funny. I was just in Texas yesterday. And this morning I was once again scribbling the likenesses of my fellow public transiters into my little book. Chella has two dance classes today. Hannah starts up fencing tomorrow. there are a million things to get done. Laura has a show going up in March and another in April. We are building frames and getting slides made and getting promo stuff printed and organizing play dates for the kids and organizing the homeschooling co-op. Vacation was short and somehow......ya'll remember Tron. When they are on that shell like boat/plane and there is that energy pulse that is caught in front of the ship. Alot of shit to get done.

Television is a waste of time. If you find yourself in front of it, remember, you are going to die someday and this is the one chance you have got to kick ass, there is so much to do that is real.



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