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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, February 23, 2004

PowerPoint and the Mac

(1.) Was the presentation originally made in PowerPoint, or was it made in something else, like Keynote? (2.) Does the PowerPoint contain anything other than pictures (i.e. movies)? (3.) How did you burn the CD? I've noticed that if you make a disk image first and then burn, then Win98 computers can't see the disk, but if you burn though the Finder, then it works fine. I've been using Burnz to make disks now though, because it offers increased compatibility options. Burnz is free for the first 10 disks and $12.50 for use thereafter. (4.) If you can get to the presentation computer ahead of time, make a really simple PowerPoint, burn it to disk and see if you can get it to run.


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