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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, April 26, 2004


Been busy as a bee at the house since Thursday after closing. Carol spent the end of last week cleaning most of the house. She resurrected the fridge and made the oven look like new. She sanitzed both bathrooms and cleared all the residual garbage left behind by the sellers.

Saturday was spent doing more cleaning, and prep work for painting. Adolph, Amber, Mike, Maru and Ezra came over to lend us a hand. We got so much done that day! The ceiling fans were cleaned, the dust bunnies were cleared out, the tops of the doors were wiped, tape was laid all across the floor boards and trim, the windows were wiped clear, the screens on the windows were cleaned, the cabinets in the kitchen were wiped down, the floor was swept, and the carpet was vacuumed!

Once everyone was gone, i started stripping the wallpaper from the kitchen walls. I did that till about 11:30. I started again at about 8 the next morning.

What a day! but that was only the beginning...

Sunday, Adolph stopped by and helped me to finish up putting primer on the living room walls. Then, my stepdad stopped by with some housewarming gifts and a whirlwind job on some electricity issues i've been having. Right off the truck he pulled out a mitre saw and table and a fifteen-year old jigsaw (i remember him using it when i was growing up). Then, he presented me with a Craftsman drill and flashlight along with a 101 drill bit set. What a score!

After his grand tour i started pointing out the problems i'd noticed with the electricity. He went to his truck and pulled out a new switch for the master bedrooma and replaced that in a matter of minutes. Then, he pulled out the pull chain mechanism in the third bedroom and instruced me on how to replace that.

That evening we retired to Sugarland to prepare for this upcoming week.

Monday: Solo. I dropped Carol at work and Adolfo iv at montessori, and went directly to the house. I finished putting primer in the living room and started sanding the kitchen walls to prep them for primer as well. Finished breakfast area and put a coat of primer on only a portion of the kitchen to see how many coats it was going to take to cover up the flaws in the wall....

I started priming the hallway and the bedroom. Put another coat of primer on in the kitchen after about an hour. Continued from the hallway to the bedroom.

Lunch at the Galleria with Carol.

Came back and put more primer in the kitchen. (About three coats....) and continued with the bedroom. Finished the bedroom and moved on to the half-bath...finished the bath....

Cleaned up and headed for adolfo iv. Picked up Carol and hit the freeway. Came home and had dinner.....

Here's a pan of the backyard.


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