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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

DHL - Tracking Summary

I love monitoring this stuff:DHL - Tracking Summary

Package tracking would make a great reality TV show. There would be a lot of tension as the cameras follow 7 obsessive package trackers. Some would obsessively call the company they made an order with and repeatedly ask for a tracking number, even when the package has not shipped yet. Some would not have their work address on file with their credit card company, delaying shipment. Some would forget to ship it to the office and get the dreaded missed you slip on their front door, necessitating a duck-time race to the UPS office in some industrial part of town. No show would be complete without people who ordered expensive new models of Apple computers which in some cases are shipped overnight from Taiwan. When the first 802.11g computers came out, they were held up in Customs in Anchorage, Alaska--a real nail biter!

Of course, in the age of near-ubiquitous and inexpensive overnight shipping, package tracking is nearly moot, as the package is in your hands almost faster than you can get the tracking number.

Package Tracking Reality TV: you heard about it here first!


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