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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Lotsa Free time on my hands �?? so much to do.

Work is nearly dead as summer arrives. Lotsa vacations and few conferences. Requests for posters and meeting av support grinds to a halt and the hallways are quiet. I'm spending my time mulling over the InDesign Total Training CD's, and teaching myself the basics of a 3d application, Cheetah 3D in hopes of getting some illustration assignments from the docs here at work. Here's a small sample:

I rendered it in Cheetah 3D and colored the resulting tiff in photoshop with three different colored selections with the blend mode set to 'color'.

I also happen to have picked up a chess bug after my game with Paul over the Memorial Day weekend (i wish someone would have taken a picture) that i can't seem to get over. I've been looking closely at the Sicilian and it's variations. I'm still not very good, howerver; I lose whenever i play. It's extremely frustrating.

There are lots of things to do at the house, still. Still, the living room needs more paint; the kitchen needs paint on the walls, there are door stops that need to be installed; screens that have to be put up; plants to be repotted; and boxes to put in the attic. The front yard is slowly but surely starting to come back especially with the recent rains we've been having (and continue having all week!) There are some nearly bare spots that i've been watering for the last couple of weeks in hopes that the grass will reach out and choke out the weeds that have taken root there. The back yard is also making progress on the bare left by the dog of the previous owners. Both Sr. Mercado and I cultivated the ground to make it a little more hospitalbe to regrowth. I've noticed the trail leading to the shed is taking on more grass.

One of the tomato plants in the vegetable bed is looking pretty bad off. I'm hoping it'll be able to recover with all the rain it's getting.

The rose vines out back need some serious pruning, as does the tree out in my front yard. I've been putting it off till i can manage to get adolph over to catch me if i fall off the roof.

Adolfo IV started tumbling classes last week and has taken particular joy in practicing on my bed (or any soft spot he can find). Last night, we rolled around on the bedroom floor and bounced on the bed. He's also become a big fan of Finding Nemo and a certain teletubbies dvd carol picked up at Toys R Us.

Here is a small list of words he uses frequently and accurately: cookie, Nemo, mama, daddy, poopoo, teetee, cheepees (peaches), papa (food), shoes, down, moon, aloe, bye-bye, juice, car, toys, nurse, keys, book, ball, finished, no, cereal, dark, hot, chips....

and a myriad of sounds that he uses to get his point across. He also points at things a lot.

If i've missed any, i'm sure carol will post those to the comments section for those of you who are interested in charting his linguistic progress.


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