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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, December 10, 2004

i really wanted to play hooky today

it was really hard to get out of bed - everyone is shopping and hanging out - everyone is happy - but i'm here today - at work - and my boss just announced that the admins are going to have a 3 hour lunch today
so things can be worse i guess
our little family went to see the christmas lights at hermann park last night - it was a beautiful little display and very creative and romantical - the best part was my little baby boy running around and around and happy and excited to be free free free free!!!!
Killy took lots of pictures but i can't download them here so you'll have to wait until killy does it himself
our christmas tree is up and waiting for presents which are strewn about the house here and there waiting to be wrapped - our christmas lights on the house are twinkling blue icicles - the tree is draped with a blue and white paper chain and sprinkled with paper snowflakes
adolfo gets put into time out if he touches the tree
he's been pretty good about it though
although i'm going to have to find a new place for time out because he can climb on the bookshelf now to entertain himself while unwittingly endangering himself
and that is just too cute!


  • carol, i love you and killy and little baby adolfo so much!! i wish i was there to see your christmas tree and to see you all grow and experience the world, but i'll just have to content myself with this nifty little blogger snapshot view of your world ... what would life be without blogs?!

    By Blogger Amber Freda's, at 11:22 AM  

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