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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Global Light

I think it would be really cool if future computer interfaces supported Global Light. In Photoshop's layer actions or whatever there is a setting for Global Light. If you keep all of your actions set to this, if you adjust that light, then it adjusts the lighting in all the different kinds of settings. You can also take any adjustment out of global light if you want it to look some other way. Likewise, it would be really cool if your computer interface was set up so that you could adjust where the virtual light source was so that all the shine and shadows fit your needs. For example, on my Macintosh operating system computer, the light is from the upper center. It works out pretty well for me because I have several lamps about that could maybe make shadows like that. However, if I had only a light to my right, then it would be all off-kilter. The shadow should not fall on the center in that case, it should fall on the left. Additionally, the drop shadows and shiney-nesses of web pages should follow a browser's global light setting.


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