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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Holy Smoke: This is Cool!

Flickr: The Memory Maps Pool

Amber was checking out tags today and clicked on "googlemaps." This is one of the neatest (unintentional?) implementations of technology that I have seen in a while. Maybe I think it is really cool because I'm the sort of person who pours over maps looking for personal landmarks. I was looking up my old friend Ashu today and found his parent's address, then put that in Google and looked at a map and then pointed it out to Amber and shifted the map somewhat north to where Dad and Talbot live now and then further north to the house where I grew up. Google's pointer is actually a bit left of where the house is. It points to a spot in the street in front of the Scaaf's house. They were three doors down. Sorry, but I just left this blog post for a while as I just took a trip on the Red River down to the Mississippi.


  • here's a pretty cool google sightseeing blog, adolph


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