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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Lanterne Rouge

I am getting absolutely crushed in my Tour de France fantasy game. I am currently in 664th place out of approximately 1,050 participants. Not quite la lanterne rouge, but close enough. I expect to move up a few spots after McEwen's win today. Not many and not enough to give me much hope of a good overall result. It is still early days but it was pretty obvious from the opening time trial who is on form and who is not.

La lanterne rouge, by the way, is the term for the rider who finishes in last place in the Tour. I have read that the term comes from a red lantern that used to hang off the back of French trains. Some riders will try to fight their way out of last place. Others see it as a unique position and try to hold on to it.

UPDATE: McEwen's stage victory bumped me up to 550th.


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