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The Indefinite Article.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Game 10 Versus Cameron Road United

Our very first game of the season was against these guys, and we played them to a nil-nil tie. It was a pretty frustrating game, as I recall, filled with all sorts of kick-ball and sliding around, the kind of game played by a disorganized squad.

Today's game could not have been any more different. We started the game with only 7 men, but 10 minutes later our side was up to full strength, The other team scored first, but we quickly answered with a pretty nice equalizer. From there, we went on to dominate the first-half, going up 4-1. I even had several break-away shots on goal, all really weak ones. I really need to learn how to kick the ball...

The second half of the game was much more interesting and difficult. CRU really turned their game up a notch and generated plenty of good chances. They scored on a really fantastic counter-attack, and for little why even though they were down by 2 goals it seemed as if they might be able to come back.

But their hopes were crushed in the latter part of the half as we put in another sweet goal to finish the game at 5-2.


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